Virgin Island Catamaran Charters on yacht Pentesilea II

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A Catamaran Charters Vacation on Pentesilea II
Virgin Island Catamaran Charters on Yacht Pentesilea II

Virgin Island Charters

When it comes to Virgin Island charters, a catamaran charter is the perfect tropical vacation TO ENJOY, a crewed catamaran charter in the beautiful Virgin Island on board Pentesilea is like no other. Vacationers who do Virgin Island Charters go where they want, swim, snorkel, dive, read, sun-bathe, sail, eat, drink, and be exceedingly merry, there are no regimental times to do anything when on your sailing vacation.

Never miss a beat as you choose the days' activities that is right for you, and it will better than you could ever imagine it would be. Virgin Island charters and sailing catamarans enhance your vacation with their space, comfort, and stability. You certainly selected the perfect crew and catamaran when you pick Pentesilea. You meet the nicest people when on Caribbean Catamaran Vacation.
Yacht Pentesilea is a crewed catamaran, with world class yacht charter cuisine. This catamaran charter in the virgin islands is the perfect family tropical vacation. Their "kiddies kingdom" cabin was designed for two children up to the age of 18 years who wish to have fun and they will on board this Virgin Island charter. Captain Travis and Rosemary wanted to provide the passionate family vacationer with the only adult Virgin Island charters catamaran, catering for the children as well. This sailing catamaran gives 6 adults equal cabins which boast their own private toilets, private shower and wash basins.

Sailing on Crewed Catamaran Pentesilea

Virgin Island Catamaran Charters Sailing on any of the virgin island charters is a delightful experience for all sailors and non sailors alike, to three major aspects: stability, Comfort, space inside and on deck. Only catamarans offer you the comfort of no heeling. With a deck area of 1,000 sq. ft., Pentesilea offers abundant space for relaxing. Enjoy the sun on the trampoline or read a book in the shade of the bimini. Catamaran Comfort, Catamaran Stability, Catamaran Space.

Pentesilea Virgin Island charters offers you a highly personalized sailing vacation experience you cannot find in a resort or on a cruise ship. Explore the islands, swim, snorkel, soak up the sun where mermaids and Dolphins play, in their tranquility tropical lagoon. While under sail from island to island, we might cross the path of a plethora of birds, mysterious underwater shipwrecks, or perhaps a group of playful flying fish. Nature and adventure will surround you along your journey, uninhabited islands allow you to experience sights and wonders not possible anywhere else on earth! Here is where the best Caribbean catamaran charters commence and end at.

Your Catamaran Crew : As endorsed by Barrington-Hall Yacht corporation

virgin island catamaran chartersIf it has something to do with the water, the great outdoors or traveling, Rosemary and Travis want to be there. Whether they’re aboard their luxury catamaran Pentesilea II enjoying a sunset, or out exploring some pristine reef with their guests, they know how to make your Caribbean catamaran vacation an extraordinary one.

After college, Travis traveled the world working as a dive master before landing in the Virgin Islands . Working as the lead safety diver/first mate on a boat, Travis worked his way up to Captain. He has a love for scuba diving, enjoys snorkeling, and showing guests the fine tuning of sailing if they want to learn. Travis spent the last few years working in the yacht charter business in the U.S. and British Virgin Islands .

Chef and First Mate Rosemary's love of the water comes from long summers spent on the Outer Banks. She is a PADI certified Rescue Diver and has dive experience all over the world. Rosemary’s love of preparing fine food in a friendly environment will be obvious on your catamaran charter vacation. Rosemary has an artistic background and it's reflected in her beautiful presentation of fine cuisine. She is proud to present each meal to you as well as her tasty happy hour treats. It is rumored that she makes the best pina coladas in the Virgin Islands.

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Pentesilea is spacious, comfortable, stabile and has all the luxury features you would expect on a 48 ft. catamaran of this size. Virgin Island charters is right for you, your family and friends. Pentesilea is head and shouldres above the rest, she really is the perfect Caribbean catamaran vacation for everyone.

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Virgin Island Catamaran Charters with Pentesilea II
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Virgin Island Catamaran Charters with Pentesilea II
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