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Pentesilea II Crewed Catamaran charters in the BVI

Your yacht vacations captain, Hans and personal gourmet chef Ruth are at your beck and call onboard this crewed catamaran charters. Expect exceptional service, outstanding meals and to see blue lagoons where mermaids and dolphins play with each visit of catamaran charters.

Hans and Ruth were both born in Zurich, Switzerland and speak fluent German and English. Hans started sailing (non catamaran charters) as a youngster, racing boats on lake Zurich with his Father. Ruth was introduced to yachting after high school and as a team they participated in regattas all over Europe and Minnesota, USA. In the 1980's Hans and Ruth have been cruising in the Caribbean offering yacht vacations with catamaran charters extensively and know many of the most wonderful spots.

Captain Hans Deller enjoys taking guests of his catamaran charters to all the hidden and unspoiled areas of the virgin Islands while on his yacht vacation. As you will learn on this crewed catamaran charter water sports are second nature and a real passion, especially the world of sailing and windsurfing and will be happy to introduce you to sailing or allow you to demonstrate your own skills aboard Pentesilea II.

First Mate/Chef Ruth Deller has a background in real estate and the fashion industry. Ruth is a total water person and loves the ocean as well as crusing the Virgin Island charters. Collecting seashells from all corners of the globe inspired her to design and create nautical jewelry on board. Ruth is a gourmet chef par excellence with an artistic flair for food presentation. She will introduce you to fabulous international and especially Swiss cuisine.

When thinking of catamaran charters, please book your next vacation on Pentesilea II and be pampered to your wildest imagination.


Hans & Ruth
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Hans at work
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