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Crewed Family vacations on pentesilea II

A Pentesilea family vacation charter is probably one of the most personalized and memorable family vacation you will ever take. The experience bears little resemblance to a traditional cruise with your family. The atmosphere is refined, yet informal. Activities are there for the taking, never imposed. You and your family will explore a privileged, unspoiled world where serenity, peace, privacy and space are the last true luxuries. Perhaps the best way to think of this is having your own private resort complete with secluded beaches, on board toys and the personal attention of the captain and crew. Your crew is eager to please, and will accommodate almost any request as long as it does not interfere with your safety. The crew's primary mission is to ensure that your family has the best vacation ever. Everything is arranged with your preferences in mind, where you go, what you eat and drink, and when.

Your crew is fully prepared to do all of the sailing while you relax with your family or friends and enjoy a nice cool drink or a good book. For those who don't have a lot of sailing experience we highly recommend charters in the Virgin Islands, as here the waters are protected from the open ocean. It's but a brief trip from one island to the next, and the anchorages are quiet and peaceful. You will find your crew helpful and understanding and will soon become familiar with life aboard your own self-contained vacation resort. By the end of the charter, you will probably be making plans to do the same vacation again next year!
Captain Hans and Ruth wanted to provide the passionate family vacationer with the only adult Virgin Island charter family catamaran catering for the children as well. This family vacation charter gives 6 adults equal cabins which boast their own private toilets, private shower and wash basins.
Pentesilea is fast, comfortable and has all the luxury features you would expect on a 48 ft. catamaran of this size.
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